Job Club

What is Employment?

The Number 1 Trust believes that anyone who wishes to work should be able to work, and for people with disabilities that means that we provide the support needed to make it possible to enter into the paid work force. Our motto is, “Whatever it takes, we will make it work for you to work”.

Our supported employment service is specifically designed for people with disabilities who have said to us, when they have identified their goals and dreams in their personal plans, that they want paid employment.

We work with each client:

  • to understand what work is:
    • understanding their employment contract
    • personal presentation
    • timekeeping
    • meal breaks
    • following instruction
  • to find paid work in their chosen field or a new field:
    • how to apply for a job
    • how to make the most of each interview
  • to provide them with ongoing “on the job” support:
    • working with the new employer to get to know their requirements
    • going to work with our clients to make sure they know what is expected
    • and helping them understand their new job
    • and the expectations of the employer
  • to assist with the coordination of public transport when successfully employed

Job Club (Social Enterprise Programme)

This is a small group of people wanting to get into the paid workforce who are experiencing the same or similar highs and challenges and who want to share with others.

Our Job Club runs each week at Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua, and it is an opportunity for people to come together and share their experiences and dreams.

Job Club also:

  • Looks at how to find and keep in paid employment.
  • Talks about what it means to provide ongoing “on the job” support for those who have found work
  • Works with employers to support “onsite” training for job seekers
  • Develops and updates CVs
  • Looks at all sources of advertised jobs:
    • Internet for SEEK, TRADEME, WORK & INCOME, etc
    • Dom/Post on Saturdays and Wednesdays
    • Hutt News, Wainuiomata, Petone, Upper Hutt and Porirua newspapers
  • Looks at how to apply for a job:
    • What to write in a letter
    • How to apply online
  • Goes on visits to different employers and work sites
  • Facilitates literacy and numeracy classes
  • Has guest speakers
Young Guns programme
Pre-employment Support
We understand how hard it is getting started when trying to find a job, especially if you are a person with a disability, which is why we look at all aspects of the process.

With our pre-employment support we work with each job seeker to tailor everything to their individual needs. This support begins as soon as they register with our service. This may include:

  • Compiling a CV
  • Job Club
  • Job search skills
  • Accessing WINZ entitlement regarding:
    • travel allowance
    • clothing allowance
    • special needs grants
  • Workbridge support and assistance
  • Visiting Wellington’s “Dress for Success” and their staff to get a new set of interview clothes if required
  • Mock interviews
  • Facilitating training and or skill development
  • Volunteer work
Attention Employers
When you need staff, before you go down the usual pathways of recruitment, consider us and our motivated job seekers.

Our Supported Employment Service can assist you to find employees who are keen to work and are provided with the support needed to become valued and dependable members of your work force.

Hiring people with disabilities who are assisted by a supported employment service is good for business. Recent research in the UK & USA shows that these employees stay in the job longer, have lower accident rates than other workers, take fewer sick leave days and are incredibly loyal.

We can discuss with you the assistance that may be available to you when hiring people with disabilities. Did you know that you may be able to get subsidies and extra help through a variety of Government departments? We will work with you and your HR people to make this happen. And the best thing of all is that there is no cost to you for the support that is provided for any worker from our Supported Employment Service.

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